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WinRAR trick: how to PREVIEW video files without downloading all parts!

WinRAR trick: how to PREVIEW video files without downloading all parts!

Many files/movies/clips posted on websites are broken into many pieces using WinRAR. usually you have to download all parts before unzipping.

Now here’s a simple method to watch the movie without downloading all parts. First, download the first few parts (even just the first part is enough) and start to unzip as normal (but remember to check the ‘keep broken files’ check box first in the dialog box !!!).

Now use VLCPlayer to watch the movie!!! (of course, only the downloaded part will be watchable ;-)

In the mayhem of “Da Vinci code ” movie many ppl downloaded 700++ MB documentaries which were named as davinci.part1.rar etc etc .After horrible hours of downloading the only thing they got was extreme frustration(some stepped ahead breaking the monitors).

Bottom Line : This is just a trick to know weather u r downlading the right thing or not. :)


8 Comments/Shayaris on “WinRAR trick: how to PREVIEW video files without downloading all parts!”

  1. 1 vinod kumar Says:

    How does one view the file in VLC player, double clicking in the winrar window asks for the rest of the movie parts, and right clicking doenst have any VLC in it.
    please elaborate the methode

  2. 2 Soham Says:

    You have to get the first part of the RAR archive to view. It only works with the first part.
    Open the Rar archive first part and than click on extract than Click on “Process Selected Files”. Than it will show-up an error simply leave the screen as it is without closing the warning window nor the RAR window and go to the place where you extracted the files. There will be the video file which you extracted and Now play it in VLC player.

  3. 3 c=x Says:

    could u explain this a little better? i extracted the rar files to my desktop and kept the broken files but when open it with vlc player nothing comes up. am i doing something wrong?

  4. 4 selva Says:

    Thanks mate..
    It works for me..
    After checking “Keep Broken Files” option in Winrar click OK.
    Now after extracting the first file, Winrar will ask for the second file.
    Dont do anything here.
    open VLC.
    Go to the place where you extracted, and drag and drop the avi file into VLC .
    You should be able to view the file..

  5. 5 stupid Says:

    Assuming you have winrar properly installed ::: right click *.rar file–>choose “extract file”–>tick “keep broken files” under Misc.(lower left) ::: that’s it :0

  6. 6 Gaurav Kumra Says:

    The file size remains the same, i cant view the file in VLC.
    it just doesn’t play it

  7. 7 Xavier Says:

    It worked for me. Thanks for the info!

  8. 8 unshed tear Says:

    Thanks for the trick, also won’t work with all vid formats but works great with avi

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