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Another Rapidshare Hack

How to disable the rapidshare.de download counter in IE or Firefox

While waiting for download, type javascript:c(countdown = 0); in the browser addressbar to eliminate the rapidshare countdown (waiting) feature. If this trick doesn’t work, try the alternative below:

1. Click the Free button to initiate the download for rapidshare website
2. As the countdown timer begins, type the following URL in the location bar and press enter or click the Go button. The rapidshare direct download link should appear immediately.

The third option to byepass waiting time in Firefox is by using Greasmonkey extension and installing rapidshare.user.js script (rapidshare no wait). RapidLeecher is another PHP script for Rapidshare.de, Megaupload and MyTempDir services for immediate and simultaneous multiple downloads using proxy servers.

Byepass the Rapidshare data download limit

Rapidshare limits each user to a certain amount of downloading per day based on the users IP address. You can easily cheat rapidshare by showing a different IP address.

1. Clear your browser cookies.
2. Open the command prompt (Start - Run - cmd.exe)
3. Run the following simple commands:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
4. Type exit to close the DOS window. Restart the rapidshare download job.

This trick may not work if your ISP has assigned you a static IP address. (BSNL assigns a dynamic IP)

If Rapidshare block your IP, change proxy
Rapidshare might block an IP from download for sometime. To byepass this restriction, change your IP. First obtain a IP and it’s port from publicproxyservers.com. Then use that IP and port in your browser Connection settings window. Click OK.

Download files from Rapidshare like a Premium user
Install the Flashgot extension to enable integration of Firefox with Flashget download manager. Go to a rapidshare download link once the timer is done right click on it and choose FlashGot Link from the context menu. Flashget will launch the download window. Choose only 1 split file for the download to work. This works on RAPIDSHARE even without a premium account.

Rapidshare RapidLeech Script
Rapidleech script transfers files from rapidshare and megaupload via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.

Megaupload Hacks

Search with Google for files on rapidshare or Megaupload servers
The uploaded filename is contained in the Rapidshare and megaupload URLs. This will help us find what is posted on rapidshare/megaupload for download.

To search for ebooks and documents in PDF format on Rapidshare:
pdf “rapidshare.de/files” site:rapidshare.de
To download movies and video files:
+inurl:avi|mpg|wmv site:rapidshare.de
To download mp3 files from rapidshare:
+inurl:wma|mp3 site:rapidshare.de
To download software, zipped files, programs from rapidshare:
+inurl:exe|rar|zip site:rapidshare.de

Replace rapidshare.de with megaupload.com to search for files available on MegaUpload.com servers.

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  1. 51 Danny Says:

    The grab button is unclickable for me….
    Any ideas Why?

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  3. 53 Joe Says:

    This begs the question, why?

    It cost a couple of euros a month and a VAST amount of stuff is hosted on there, its a great service, why try and put them out of business?

    For a premium account you get so much more than no download counters, being able to use download managers alone is reason enough! Along with being able to resume downloads, use download accelerators and use premium links, I just dont see the point!

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  5. 55 dj Says:

    plz upload this software on other site

  6. 56 TIAMAT Says:

    is there anybody who tried sth? can he tell us what is the “working” way?

  7. 57 KK Says:

    The grab button is unclickable for me….
    Any ideas Why?

  8. 58 Anonymous Says:

    what is this i can’t anderstan’t [Choose your proxy (one proxy for each file if you want multiple download) or leave blank (as set in your IE)]

  9. 59 works Says:

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