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Unlimited Rapidshare, Yousendit, Crack Rapidshare.de, Megaupload Hacks,

Heres a quick tutorial on how to beat Rapidshare time limit, get a free premium Rapidshare account password, search rapidshare and Download multiples files using Rapidshare grabber script. Feature tricks to resume broken downloads with Rapidshare download manager.

First let us start with some well known Free file hosting providers

Free unlimited large file hosting services like rapidshare de, yousendit and megaupload let you share and transfer big files on the internet. If a file is too large to send as an email attachment, just upload it to any of these sites and email the link to the recipient.

You can upload large files be it music videos (dat, flv, wmv, avi, mpeg, 3gp), audio files, mp3 songs, games, software (iso, rar, zip), cell phone ring tones, ebooks (pdf, chm, hlp), photos, Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, PDF documents, bookmarks and even retail software installers (exe msi) files. Send files of any type and of any size to people who are on a network that doesn’t allow large e-mail files.

Quick File Sharing Hack: All these services allow only single files to be sent at a time. If you have more than one file to send, just zip them into an archive using Winzip or any other compression utility.

File Uploading Services

About RapidShare (Rapidshare Hacks)
RapidShare, the world’s biggest (over 30 million files uploaded!) and fastest (45 Gigabit/s!) 1-click file-hoster.Burning the net with 360 Terabytes of hard-drive capacity right now and growing! Millions of users just can’t be wrong.
Free users get the max. file-size from 100 MB to 300 MB, The delay between two downloads is now defined by the download-traffic you have generated before.
Premium-Zone users : you will get points for downloads of your files. You can then convert your collected points to free premium-accounts. (Check “Convert points” in your premium-zone.) You can also extend your own premium-account for free. You will get one point per download if the downloader is a free-user AND your file is bigger than 1 MB AND the downloader has generated less than 5 points in the last three hours. This rules have been introduced to protect us from abuse.

About Megaupload (Megaupload Hacks)
There is no registration and no fees.Basic use requires no registration and is free of charge. There is nothing to install and no special software required. All you need is the browser you are using right now. A file can be up to 250 MB. We will host your file forever for free, until it is unused for 21 days. If nobody downloads your file for 21 days, it is automatically deleted. Your file is available for download here at Megaupload 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We are always open and here to serve.For the individuals it can be things like: music videos, mp3’s, songs, computer games, computer software, cell phone ring tones, digital camera photos and albums from anything from family to automobiles to pets. For the professional it can be: Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, data files, Word documents, project plans, home construction architect drawings, voice recordings, sales brochures, completed home mortgage contracts, medical lab results, computer server configuration files, advertising brochures.

About YouSendIt - Share really big files (YouSendIt Hacks)
Unlimited YouSendIt lets you send files up to 1GB. YouSendIt can send files securely (https) and scans files for viruses.When you send a file via the YouSendIt Web site, an e-mail goes to your recipient with a link to your file, which is stored securely on YouSendIt’s server. The file will stay there for seven days or until it is downloaded 25 times, whichever comes first. You only have to enter a To email address; you are not required to enter a From address. You can also enter an optional message. No registration is required. Recommended large file hosting service.

About DropSend
DropSend is a online tool (with desktop component) that lets you e-mail large files upto 1 GB you wouldn’t normally be able to send via e-mail. It’s free to try and can be used via Mac or Win machines.

About Bigupload
No signup is required.Bigupload lets you send files upto 2000MB. If nobody downloads your file for 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded. Can be integrated with MySpace. 45 seconds wait for download. Easy to remember download page like bigupload.com/d=abc

Latest Rapidshare Hack

Download RapidShare Link Grab Helper v1.0 - Use download manger to download your rapidshare files and as many files downloading as you want (one file for every proxy you choose).

Step 1. Paste your RapidShare link (hxxp://rapidshare.de/fil..ar.html)
Step2. Choose your proxy (one proxy for each file if you want multiple download) or leave blank (as set in your IE)
Step3. Click on Grab
Step4. Type the 3 RED letters in the blank space.
Step5. Copy the RapidShare Direct link and paste it into your Download manager ( FlashGet or IDM, or IDA…etc). Or you can wait for the counter at the bottom to get to zero and click on “ Send to FlashGet”.

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  1. 51 Danny Says:

    The grab button is unclickable for me….
    Any ideas Why?

  2. 52 Bry Says:

    Files-upload has renewed the equipment, we’re faster and better now! More services and a new partnership program are available, that will give you an opportunity to take profit …Visit out web-site and check out the opportunities!

  3. 53 Joe Says:

    This begs the question, why?

    It cost a couple of euros a month and a VAST amount of stuff is hosted on there, its a great service, why try and put them out of business?

    For a premium account you get so much more than no download counters, being able to use download managers alone is reason enough! Along with being able to resume downloads, use download accelerators and use premium links, I just dont see the point!

  4. 54 R4p1d H4ck Says:

    All that you need in rapidshare
    1-Rapidshare Download Resetter
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    26-Rapidshare Leecher
    27-RapGet v.11
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    34-Cambiar IP
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    37-Keygen Premium Accounts
    38-Más de 1.000 Cuentas Premium
    39-Spyder Rapid
    40-.Reg IE Downloader Unlimited


  5. 55 dj Says:

    plz upload this software on other site

  6. 56 TIAMAT Says:

    is there anybody who tried sth? can he tell us what is the “working” way?

  7. 57 KK Says:

    The grab button is unclickable for me….
    Any ideas Why?

  8. 58 Anonymous Says:

    what is this i can’t anderstan’t [Choose your proxy (one proxy for each file if you want multiple download) or leave blank (as set in your IE)]

  9. 59 works Says:

    NEWEST rapidshare PREMIUM accounts that WORK and have been BOUGHT by me PERSONALLY. I have included a PayPal PROOF for you skeptics. Enjoy !


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