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Tutorial: downloading streaming video

Other Notes:

“You do not have permission to access this file on this server”: Sometimes, you will see this message if your download of a video stops mid-download. This is usually because the server hosting the streaming video uses a session ID in the url, which changes regularly to protect the video. For example, the url might change from:




If this happens, resuming your download is simple; just re-visit the original page and copy the new Embedded URL.

Proxies: NetTransport supports the use of proxies. To use this feature, just import a proxy list in the “Proxy” tab.
The use of proxies should hopefully be pretty self explanitory. Proxies can help with slow servers, or with servers
that allow only one connection per IP. However, be warned, if you have to enter your username and password to get the stream to download, don’t use proxies
as the multiple connections will likely kill your user/pass.

Other Software: NetTransport beats the pants of other stream capture software.
By downloading directly from the source, you can download very high quality movies without any jerkiness,
even if you are on a slow connection (it’ll just take longer). In my opinion, this
makes this method far superior to Programs like “Windows Media Recorder” and
similar, which simply save the stream as you download it manually, meaning if you
have a relatively slow connection, high-def movies will be extremely jerky.

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