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Making Windows Xp Start 60% Faster, tutorial…

You may have a number of other automatic services, depending on software and other configurations on your computer. So it’s a good idea to look through the services and learn more about them. If you double-click a service, a Properties dialog box appears

Notice that on the General tab, you see a Startup Type drop-down menu. If you want to change an automatic service to manual, select Manual here and click OK. As a general rule, don’t disable a service unless you are sure you will never use it. However, manual configuration allows the service to be started when you find it necessary, thus speeding up your boot time.

However, before you change a service to manual, look at the Dependencies tab (see Figure 4-4). This tab shows you which other services depend upon the service you are considering changing.

Keep in mind that services are necessary for the vast functionality you get with Windows XP. Change only those services that you understand and do not use. How you use your Windows XP computer should be the best guide in terms of optional startup services.

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One Comment/Shayari on “Making Windows Xp Start 60% Faster, tutorial…”

  1. 1 Usman Ghani LESCO Says:

    you can fast computer speed to this procedure:
    1) go to the my computer properties
    2) Select advanced menu and disable all option
    3) Restart computer
    you see that your system speed increase

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