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High Quality Video of Upcoming Blockbuster “DON” - “I Am The King” Trailer

Hight Quality Video of Upcoming Blockbuster DON - Promo Main Hoon Don Shahrukh

When ruthless Don (Shahrukh Khan) is killed by the police, the DSP D’Silva (Om Puri) is afraid that another “Don” will take over when the rest of the gang come of know of his death, so he, unbeknown to the rest of the police force, recruits Don’s look-alike Vijay (also Shahrukh Khan) to become the real Don. Vijay is, at first reluctant, but when promised that two children he is caring for, will be looked after and educated, he agrees. He is successfully re-located back with his gang by feigning injuries, and loss of memory. He soon recuperates. Then fate takes an unexpected turn when the DSP is killed and Vijay becomes the suspect; his role as the Don ends, as his gang comes to know he is a fraud; Vijay must run for his life - both from the police and Don’s gang - for his life, and the life of the two children.

Here are the download links

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Or watch it online here


One Comment/Shayari on “High Quality Video of Upcoming Blockbuster “DON” - “I Am The King” Trailer”

  1. 1 biswaranjan Says:

    Don is good picture,the character done(sharukh khan ),is done by sharakhukhan is exclent,he has done very nicely,I think other character can’t do it,but may be sanjay dutta can do,If this character was given to snaju(sanjay dutta) ,it will be very nice, how ever this flim is good,and role of king khan very very briliant, he has good acting,
    I think ,I will proud of kingkhan

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