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[Tutorial] - How to Get Patients in Your Clinic

May be helpful to Doctors visiting Shayaro ki Shayari :D

If you wanna your clinic crowded, you have to take pain and have to do hard work.

1. Get some stone blocks and make them round balls in a foot ball size.
Check the below pic.

2. Paint them white and leave them untill they dry. Next take the black paint and paint to look like a real foot ball. If you are not a perfect painter, make block and use it. Check the pic. Now your half of the job is finished.

3. Caution : This section of tutorial is very important for your own health. No one should see you at your work. So take necessary steps and be careful If some one observes, we may meet in a good orthpaedic hospital in the next morning Ready

Transfer all the dried stone foot balls in to your car, go to the streets near by your clinic and spread them on the foot paths like in the below pic.

Spread the left over balls in parks near by clinic. Go home and have a sound sleep.

Congratutalions for your hard work

4. Next morning onwards, your clinic will be full of patients for at least a month. See the below pic


2 Comments/Shayaris on “[Tutorial] - How to Get Patients in Your Clinic”

  1. 1 payal Says:

    well tht’s really clever think but good tho

  2. 2 Ammar Akhtar(0345-6723273)fiza_khanpak@yahoo.com Says:

    Life brings KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM it end NA TUM JANO NAHUM, So lets do MASTI 2gether,who knows KAL HO NA HO,out when ever u need a friend, MAIN HOON NA!

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