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Salman’s hair Style Inspiration for the movie : Tere Naam

Know from where Salman Khan got his hair style for the movie, Tere Naam ?


72 Comments/Shayaris on “Salman’s hair Style Inspiration for the movie : Tere Naam”

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  1. 51 yashgarg Says:

    salman bhai yai bhi tumhar bhai hai ya tum iskai bhai hoolaki khun ka aasar hai sallu

  2. 52 sweet farya Says:

    its a cool here setyle jis ny yah bunaya hai wo kud olwo ka patta hai

  3. 53 madina Says:

    salman is the best and will always be. u retards talkin shit about salman is and will always be loser u stupid mf’s . lolzz all ppl talkin shit about salman r nothin but just a piece of shit. anyway who will listen 2 ya all only freakin dogz will listen to all who talkin shit about.

  4. 54 madina Says:

    watch ur mouth farya!!!!!!! dont say any shit about salman

  5. 55 pratik Says:

    tum log salman ke bare mein aisa no kaho bolna hai to usse bhi borra kaho .hehehehehehehehehehahahahaha

  6. 56 madina Says:

    pratik r u fan of shahrukh khan? ur jealous of salman just like all other guyz. dont talk shit about him caz it will not be good 4 u. get that u coward. son of…………

  7. 57 Anonymous Says:

    All u guys talking rubbish about salman r actually jealous of his damn sexy personality.Barking dogs make no difference 2 lions after all dogs will remain dogs and salman will rule BOLLYWOOD as a lion.He is the real king khan.He shows his torso coz he have worked hard 4 it.He was not born with his broad chest he have carved it and all u out of shaped guys will never know what it takes 2 be in such a great shape.U JACK ASSES.

  8. 58 fiza Says:

    hey! dont saw a word about salman. okay, if u dont like him than dont even say a shit about him. got that?

  9. 59 jyoti Says:

    salman is brother of this animal

  10. 60 fiza Says:

    hey wht happend to u guys?? looks like no 1 has anything to say back… HAHAHAAAAAAAAA

  11. 61 areebfaraz Says:

    u patrik u son of how can u say like this to my big bro u
    bloddy bull dog actully u r the brother of dog

  12. 62 DON(RAHIL) Says:


  13. 63 jhonny Says:

    cmon guys go to hell salman khan is a shit……n don comparize him to shahrukh…….hes the best of the best after dilip kumar n finish……

  14. 64 Salman u r the best. I love u for what u are. May God bless u and put an end to all your woes, i am an anonymous worshipper of yours. Love u. Says:

    Salman u r the best & wl remain forever.

  15. 65 Salman u r the best. I love u for what u are. May God bless u and put an end to all your woes, i am an anonymous worshipper of yours. Love u. Says:

    Flowers r many,
    Rose is d best.
    khans r many,
    But SALMAN u r d best.

  16. 66 sultan salahuddin qureshi Says:

    great hair style of the world all yongers trying to look like salman. And old men just like u trying to be funny.blady old men hahahahahah

  17. 67 sahil Says:

    abay jaheel logon yahan salman khan ya sharukh khan nahin hai koi ye sirf ek shayari site hai lolzzzzzz

  18. 68 suhan Says:

    salman khan mera bhai
    salman is thae best hero

  19. 69 sameer Says:

    salman khan is the best hero in the world. nobody remove salman khan from film industry if anybody do soon they will be naked in the road.
    salman bhai dua me yaad rakhna .

  20. 70 ARCHANA Says:


  21. 71 john Says:

    all the khans have different style u cannt compare.so theres no point of arguing whos the best.Any ways people who think that salman bhaiya is a crap they should realize that he is the only star who have introduced to be in a good shape and look good,he is the only star who has brought style in bollywood (dressing,sunglasses,and accessories etc.)so guys plz if u r talking anything negative about salman then think twice.If he wasnt in bollywood other stars would still act but they wouldnt have a style.

  22. 72 nigaar Says:

    salman cant act, get that in ur heads all of u

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