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Proposals by Products

* Wanna to propose a girl/boy?
Just do it - Nike.
* Before going to propose a girl/ boy
Believe in the best - BPL.
* If u r hesitating before proposing a girl/ boy
Vicks ki goli khao khich khich dur karo - Vicks.
* You r going to propose a girl/ boy then the chances are
50-50 - Britaina
* If girl slapped u when u proposed to her
Take it easy - Limca
* When u propose a girl/boy and she says no
Jor ka zatka dhire se laga - Mirinda
* Those who succeed in love says
We dream bcoz we do it - Dewoo.
* If some one wants to write a love letter to girl friend or boy friend
likho script apna apna - Rotomac.
* If u love someone
Go get it - Visa power.
* Boy riding a bike with neighbour’s girl
Neighbours envy owner’s pride - Onida.
* Not satisfied with ur date
Ye dil mange more - Pepsi.
* A boy having many girl friends
A complete man - Raymond.
*A smart girl having number of boy friends
Ye hai hamara surakhsha chakra - Colgate.
* For those who lost in love
har sham ka sathi - BagpiperWhisky.
* A guy or a gal who hasn’t found yet any one.
Dhundate rah jaoge - Sirf Exell.


3 Comments/Shayaris on “Proposals by Products”

  1. 1 afiya kauser Says:

    lol ….buhat accha ..but i think nobody will use this suggestions …its good for only laugh keep it up…

  2. 2 Joshika Says:

    If you are looking to propose a boy/girl see the person is in a gud mood if he is not then maybe the answer will be no not becoz he does not love but becoz he’s in a bad mood.ALL D BEST GAL/GUY!!!

  3. 3 Rokky Says:

    actually ift depends abt da situatuion dat which type of situation u r having……..
    If u wanna to Propose a Girl den confrm wether she love u or not if not den propose her a new relation Like Friendship…..
    itz enough…
    at that time not b in a serious mood.
    Good Bye n All DA Best………

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