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Hum Tum Cartoons (New)

Most of you muct be knowing the Hum and Tum charachters from the bollywood movie “Hum Tum”. We recieved few new comic strips of Hum and Tum. Enjoy !


11 Comments/Shayaris on “Hum Tum Cartoons (New)”

  1. 1 monika Says:

    it’s a very very funny and makes everyone laughs.keep it up.

  2. 2 good ,lokesh Says:

    good cartoon

  3. 3 Neha Says:

    very very funny cartoon i like it keep it up………..

  4. 4 varun Says:

    hum tum r really different. they r the first indian cartoons & they r really cool.KUNAL KOHLI really dane a very good job in making HUM TUM .

  5. 5 kabir Says:

    Hi Friends! This is kabir from delhi. You know friends Hum-Tum r really different. They r the first indian cartoons & they r really cool Like me. KUNAL KOHLI really dane a very good job in making HUM TUM.

  6. 6 pratyusa Says:

    Hum Tum cartoons are really funny…..i really like them…they r so humorous….keep it up…

  7. 7 Lucky Mudasser Qureshi Says:

    Hello friends! how are you? i am fine.My name is Mudasser & i am student of BBA hon.you know this cartoon of HUM TUM is best and i want to more improve this because it is famous in india and i want to more famous in pakistan.pray for me. Thanx.

  8. 8 preeti Says:

    Hum Tum cartoons r realy very funny, should be continued,,,,,,,,

  9. 9 sarver Says:

    Do u have any more cartoons of HUM-TUM????

  10. 10 DhirajKumar Says:

    it very nice cartoon hum tum i like ,i like tis commedy “Hamesha zagdte rahna aur phir payr karna , payr mat bhulana” so nice cartoon

  11. 11 Jeetendra Says:

    I like this cartoon. It’s cool and I think it should be continued. It’s my navigation-rally team name. HUM TUM Rally Team.

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