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[Funny] : What if english slangs where translated to Hindi

Have a nice day! —–> Achcha din lo!

What’s up? —–>Uppar kya hai?

You’re kidding! —–>Tum bachcha bana rahe ho!

Don’t kid me! —–> Mera bachcha mat banaao!

Cool man! —–> Thandaa aadmi!

Check this out, man! —-> Iskee chaanbeen karo, aadmi!

Don’t mess with me, dude.—–> Mere saath gandagi mat karo, e vyakti.

She’s so fine! —– > Woh itnee baareek hai!

Listen buddy, that chick’s mine, okay!?—–> Suno dost, woh ladki
mera hai, theek?

Hey good looking; what’s cooking? —-> Arrey sundarta ki devi; kya
pakaa rahee ho?

Are you nuts? —–> Kya aap akhrot hain?

Son of a gun.—–> Bachcha bandook ka.

Rock the party. —-> Party mein patthar feko.

Piss Off!!——->Su su Bujhao!!

Lets hang out!—->Chalo bahar latakte hai


10 Comments/Shayaris on “[Funny] : What if english slangs where translated to Hindi”

  1. 1 Anonymous Says:

    hey hey good looking, what cha got cooking, how about cooking some thing up for me!!! lmao

  2. 2 KOMAL Says:

    its nice good fabouls fantastic yaar

  3. 3 mohd mujeeb Says:

    shut up…. apna shut upar karo.

  4. 4 Anonymous Says:

    Piss off… su su bujhao … It’s really funny yaar!!!!!
    Could you plssssssssssss give some more enlisgh slangs translated to hindi…. ek shub chintak..

  5. 5 hshdfzDHD@YAHOO:DE Says:

    Doh pal ki zindagi yuhi beet jayegi, kali raat ke baad nayi subah aayegi, agar dosto ki yaad satayegi toh, kasam se aapki yaad sabse pehle aayegi… …

  6. 6 Dalvin Says:

    Amazing it’s so ludicrous to read this translation.
    keep going.

  7. 7 monika Says:


  8. 8 XX Says:

    tht’s so so so cool!! funny how the translation can change the whole meaning…it was really really funny! thnx for posting! keep ‘em coming dude! :)

  9. 9 M.SULTAN TARIQ Says:

    Could you plzzzzzzzzzze give some more enlisgh slangs translated to urdu…. ek shub chintak..

  10. 10 asfand Says:

    u rockkkkkkkkkkkk

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