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Public toilet in Switzerland

Here’s a picture of a public toilet in Switzerland.

Now that you have seen the outside view of the Toilet, Just have a look from inside .

That’s made entirely out of one-way glass. No one can see you in there, but when you are inside, it looks like you’re sitting in a clear glass box. Would you use it?!?!!!!!….


23 Comments/Shayaris on “Public toilet in Switzerland”

  1. 1 unbearable chick Says:

    well duhh i would use it if its an emrgency………:P

  2. 2 hanu Says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooo way i wouldnt use it. are you kidding

  3. 3 saurabh Says:

    people don’t use this toilet only due to one reason
    they don’t wish to see any anybody while doin….
    if u don’t believe try this at home

  4. 4 Doug-Atouk Says:

    Looks clean enough. A public latrine like that would never hold up in NYC, though. Every bum (no pun intended) in the area would steal all the TP, tissues and then move into it as their place of residence. Sure would beat the cardboard box they live in now. You know nobody can see in from outside so why wouldn’t you use it? Live a little, you’re only doing something in there that everyone else has to do every day. I’d use it as often as possible and save myself the cost of TP and water. Yeah I’m cheap but my taxes would be paying for it anyway.

  5. 5 naughty_princess Says:

    my new siteeee plzzzz come


  6. 6 brar Says:

    hmmmmmmmmm…nice WC…..hey can u tell me in which city of swiss i can find this ;)…

  7. 7 Arjun Says:

    ya of course…. whats the big deal when u can clearly see that even u cant see inside when u r outside.. then whats the isuue in using it
    main concept is fulfilling
    so i wont mind….
    i fact if u r there with a girl u can always bewared of her boy friend.. coming ur way well in time……..

  8. 8 RAVI Says:

    Wo to majborioon main lipti hain
    Apney shiddat bharey khyaloon main
    Apney ander chhupi ek aurat main
    Wo hamesha hi darti rehti hain
    Na to jeeti hain na to marti hain
    Larkiyaan bewafaa nahi hoti
    Per Hamesha hi darti rehti hain
    Apne reeti or rawajoon se
    Any waley naye azaboon se
    Zardurat main khily ghulaboon se
    Pyaar kerti hain or chhupati hain
    Larkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hot
    Kyuon ki majborioon main lepti hain
    Or her lamha darti rehti hain
    Apney pyaar se apney saye se
    Apney rishton se dil ki dharkan se
    Apni khowahish se apni kushioon se
    Larkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hoti !!!

  9. 9 Jen Says:

    OMG!!! I would use it, but more importantly, I’m sending this site eo all my friends!!!

  10. 10 amanda Says:

    Damn straight i would use it! Of course knowing that nobody outside could see me. Mostly in an emergency i would. I would use it anyway actually….gotta get use to it somehow if your living in swiss huh?

  11. 11 Raja Says:

    Hey friends don’t use this coz when ur inside it & u put on the light every 1 will be able to see every thing….:) just they can’t see anything if the light is comming from out side be if u have to turn the light inside it then……….

  12. 12 kaviraj snehashis Says:

    kyun bandhte ho naam ka sehera

    sharafat ki chiriya to karti hai logo ke kaam par basera

    yun to kai logo ka naam suraj bhi hota hai,
    lekin who chor jate hai sirf andhera hi andhera.

  13. 13 sajida Says:

    only in emergency i like 2 use it!!!!!!!!! by the way it’s very clean and neat

  14. 14 mina Says:

    noooo not reallly i dont think so i dont think i want to see neybody. even know they cant see you its weird seeeing them and thinking they can see you but having to reassure oyu every second that they cant….so i might try it soemtime but not for like evryday use. cuzz its all about the experience baby….heh

  15. 15 sultana Says:

    well i am scared from inside cause it dosenot seems to be privacy at all, from no angle u see privacy…
    even you know that nobody can see but dil nahi manta when you really get into it, i might run away!!!!

  16. 16 JYOTI Says:

    the concept is very interesting but it becomes more exciting when outside people are also able to watch someone doing…..

  17. 17 Bad Boy Says:

    woah….this is smthin’ kewl……wil try !!!definitely someday if i wud go there!!!!!!!1

  18. 18 Aman Saxena Says:

    yes i want ….. what, what happen any objection over there??

  19. 19 junaid Says:

    whoever came up with this briliant idea must be great admirer of toilets…he knows that’s the only place a man can rest and with this concept he proved you can do any thing you want (even shit) when people are around and they won’t even point at you ;) so i gave 9 out 0f 10 to the inventer..

  20. 20 Sonia Says:

    U bet…… i wood definately use such a neat & clean wash room. I am already strugelling to educate people “How to use Western toilet seat Hygenically. http://toiletusingetiquettes.blogspot.com/

  21. 21 Lusidvicel Says:

    Hello, i love shayari.sr-ultimate.com! Let me in, please :)

  22. 22 lukkha sultan Says:

    marvelous, I would love to use this restroom. First of all, look how clean is it. Second, i can keep watch on my dog outside ;)

  23. 23 Hammad Says:

    Would be a different experience…. if you are not kiddin…. then no problemz….if i beleive noone can see me from outside…then no issue not to use it…

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