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How do I download using Torrents (Bittorrents)

Well I prefer using Azereus client for downloading.

The file u download is .torrent (its the link to the actual file, music files, software files, movie files etc with .torrent extention added to it.)

1. You open the .torrent file with Azerues, its usually automatic and when you click it opens up Azereus.

2. Now let it download.

3. You will see something called seeders and leechers. Seeder are the people uploading the particular file from one’s pc and leechers are the ones downloading the file.

4. Its common courtesy to let the file upload after u have finished so u can pass it on to others, thats called share ratio…if u dont have a good ratio, ur download will be slower and many sites can ban u

Few of the main torrent websites are



www.desitorrents.com (desi)

www.bwtorrents.com (desi)

Most of us have downloaded all new movies off these sites, one such group is BrG who present Nw Hindi Movie DVD-RIP’s, I personally present cricket matches


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  1. 1 Anvisha Says:

    anybody who is the member of http://www.bwtorrents.com then please invite me to join it i really want to join bwtorrent you can email me at anvishag@yahoo.com and i can upload some movies and tv shows their too

  2. 2 Harjinder Kainth Says:

    can anyone please send me a invitation of desi torrents

  3. 3 jatin vohra Says:

    Hey Friends,
    Need help. Could any of my Indian country men/women be kind enough to invite me at desitorrent. Am living in Shanghai and feel miserable watching Mandarin. I wanna watch my own country movies and t.v shows.

  4. 4 shehnaz Says:

    please can anyon invite me to become a member of desi torrents please

  5. 5 alexi Says:

    Hey Friends,
    Need help. Could any of my Indian friends be kind enough to invite me at desitorrent. I wanna watch movies .

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