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Exclusive Munnabhai - II preview trailor!!


From the makers of Munnabhai MBBS,the biggest commercial and critical success of last year, comes a sequel, even more rib-tickling and heart-warming than the original. The concept of the film itself is so refreshingly original, it defies definition.

What happens when Munnabhai, our Tapori with a heart of gold comes face-to face with Mahatma Gandhi? Imagine what mayhem would break out if both stuck to their respective philosophies even while they were compelled to work together, for the same goals? That, in a nutshell, is the story of Munnabhai-II (working title).

The usual suspects are all there. Sanjay Dutt, as the lovable and unknown to himself, philosophical ‘Bhai’, Arshad Warsi, as the hilarious and touchingly loyal Circuit, and of course, Boman Irani, Munnabhai’s adversary, who pits himself unsuccessfully against Munna. This time round, Boman plays Lucky Singh, a rich builder, whose Gurdaspur roots are very much evident, in his lingo, his demeanour and of course, in his heart. The battle between Lucky Singh and his nemesis Munna, has all the ingredients of a laughathon. Vidya Balan plays Jahnvi, the radio jockey Munna has lost his heart to, even before he could set his eyes on her.

Right from go, the film is a laugh-a-minute roller coaster, so much so that the audience is taken by surprise when they find tears springing unexpectedly in their eyes, or when the film makes them pause and think.

The Tamil and Telegu remakes of Munnabhai MBBS are already super hits in their own rights, and the Kannada version is ready for release. A Hollywood remake, a first for an Indian movie, is also on the anvil. The Munnabhai team is committed to creating a new blockbuster that matches up to the extraordinary buzz about the sequel in the audience and the media.

Download the Munnabhai-II trailor here

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10 Comments/Shayaris on “Exclusive Munnabhai - II preview trailor!!”

  1. 1 raman Says:

    really looking ahead towards this movie………
    MUNNABHAI-I was the best movie i have ever saw it thaught us the value of SMILE and what it can do for others

  2. 2 ashish Says:

    Very Nice.

  3. 3 a windows user Says:

    i hv seeen d moooveee thrice…it iss soooo coooool it is the besst i ve ever seeen:);):);)

  4. 4 sabba Says:

    YES munna bhai 2 iz cumin out…….cant wait to watch it………….da frst 1 ws superb……..( I LOVED IT)……LOL

  5. 5 abhishek Says:

    awesome clipping buddy………………..i ll tell u i never saw a freak……………… better than this……………..

  6. 6 anika Says:

    Munnabhai-II…cool!!! dis iz gonna be jokes. ‘eh circuit!!’ apparently he’s got a kid called ’short circuit’ OMG i can’t wait…lol anyway i’m gonna say bye bye but i’ll be back!!! lol x x x x

  7. 7 Anonymous Says:

    hia does n e 1 know when the new 1 is cumin out

  8. 8 Mohammed abdul moiz, hyderabd, india Says:

    munna bhai tu si cute ho, choclate ki plate ho, magar tusi mere favourite ho….. moiz

  9. 9 sheikh hassan elahi Says:

    apun bola to ya movie aik dam great ha.thats very funny and cool movie.that type of movies r very good for time

  10. 10 LAVESH SAINI Says:

    munna bhai was the exclusive “fantastic movie” really it was devotional as well as it was entiretement movie.so , it was very nice movie

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