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5 Interviewing Tips To Get That Job


Be Confident
“Your first impression is your only impression.”

Nothing is worse than a limp handshake, slumped shoulders, poor eye contact or poor communication skills. A potential employer can tell immediately if you are the man or woman for this job by your body language. Although aggressiveness is a turn-off, being passive gives the indication that you are not sure of yourself or your qualifications. Keep eye contact when answering questions or when the interviewer is speaking directly to you. Smile occasionally to show your interest and enthusiasm. Keeping a steady gaze on the interviewer can be disturbing to an interviewer. Look away occasionally. Lean forward to show that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying. Speak in a concise and clear voice. If you have problems annunciating certain words, don’t try to use them on an interview. If this is difficult for you, practice with a mirror and pay attention to your facial expressions.

Other interview killers:

-Slouching in a chair
-Crossing your arms
-Playing with your hair or jewelry
-Leaning back in chair

Act As If “You are what you believe.”
Act as if you had the job. What would you do if you had this position? How would you act? How would a person in this position act and speak? What are your responsibilities in this position? What is a typical day like for you in this job? Change your attitude towards yourself and your strengths. If you start thinking that you won’t get the job, you will do small unnoticeable things to sabotage your chances.

Know The Company
“Know your business.”

I once sat on a couple of interviews where the interviewees did not do any research on the company. This sends a message that you are looking for any job, not this specific job. Once you’re interview is scheduled, get on the net and start finding out everything you can about the company. which gives you industry information, top competitors, names of CEO, etc. If you’d like to know what current or former employees have to say about the company,Beware of disgruntled postings. Call the company headquarters and ask for the marketing department to get specific information. Weave your research into the interview by stating. “I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, which mentioned that your company is thinking about XYZ.” This lets the interviewer know that you have taken the time to know more about the company. You can ask questions about something you read, but don’t challenge them or you’ll come across as a know-it-all.

Be Prepared “Know what to say.”
Most interviewers ask the same standard questions about your strengths, weaknesses, former employers, work history. If you are being interviewed by several people, this might be a good cop, bad cop situation. Pay attention to who is playing bad cop, they are looking for signs of weakness and dishonesty. To be well prepared, before the interview, write out all your accomplishments, both personal and professional. List your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, it’s easier to remember the truth than it is a lie. Extra Tip: Write out situations in which you have demonstrated: leadership skills, determination, stress management, creativity, and flexibility. Be prepared to answer the question: “Why do you want this job?” If you’re not sure, reevaluate your decision. If you arrive a few minutes early, review what you wrote in the waiting room before the interview. Great list of interview questions: Tested Interview Questions.

Ask For The Job - “You get what you ask for.”

The most important step in the interviewing process is one most people miss. ASK FOR THE JOB! Most interviewers are waiting for that closure. If you have done everything exceptionally well during the interviewing process, but have not asked for the job, you’ve just wasted an interview. Asking for the job shows the potential employer that you are assertive, confident and right for the job. It might feel uncomfortable, but this is your only chance to ask for something you really want. Make sure your voice is firm and you make eye contact. Think of it as your closing argument, you’ve got to win over the jury. You should also ask the interviewer if he or she thinks you are right for the job. Even if they tell you something unpleasant, think of it as a lesson learned. However, do yourself a favor and ask for the job.


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  1. 1 Rizu Says:

    Very Good Tips - Thanks :-)

  2. 2 imran_4u4ever Says:

    Zindagi aisi ho jo jine ko majboor kare;
    Rahein aisi ho jo chalne ko majboor kare;
    Khushboo kabhi dosti ki kam na ho;
    Dosti aisi ho jo milne ko majboor kare.

    acha hai lekin bore maat karo yaar :-t

  3. 3 ghanshyam wagh Says:

    it is awareness of the interview & helpful for job seekers.



  5. 5 Preeti Says:

    you are right to say that All these things are very important for a sucessful an interview.


  6. 6 sudhir Says:

    IT is very good Article When I read This article I find Its really happen with interviewer i think if people will read this article so they will get good information i like this type information you know this type article give you inner support you can acquire lots of things regarding interview how should you shake hand & when interview ask question how shoul i give answer. this type article give you help


  7. 7 priya Says:

    It was really an excellent topic .
    Short and sweet and all the points well covered.
    Thanks for such interesting notes

  8. 8 Anonymous Says:

    This article naturally draws attentions of employees, fresher graguate who are seeking for the good job. Interview is the stage whereby everyone hasto pass through this for achieving desiredpost.This article plays as a role of instrument which would be improve the mental, physicall view of interviewees.Proper guidelines and ideas contain in this.
    This is very appreciable article.

    karan Kulhare, Bhopal

  9. 9 bj_calls Says:

    hi shyam
    dosti main dost dost ka khuda hota hai,
    mehsoosh tab hota hai jab dost dost se juda hota hai,

    tum milo na milo koi gum nahin ,
    bas baat karo yeh kam nahi,
    dosti main dhokha de vo hum nahin,
    apni dosti rang de basnti se kam nahi.

  10. 10 ahnlala Says:

    tum milo na milo koi gum nahin ,
    bas baat karo yeh kam nahi,
    dosti main dhokha de vo hum nahin,
    apni dosti rang de basnti se kam nahi

  11. 11 zulfiqar.dk24252692 Says:

    Yeh jo hasinao ke baal hote hai,
    ladko ko fasane ke jaal hote hai,
    pee jati hai sara khoon ladko ka
    tabhi to gaal itne laal hote hain…

  12. 12 zulfiqar.dk24252692 Says:

    Pathar jaisi dunya me dil apna laga baite,
    kuch hi dino me meethe sapne saja baite,
    rokte the pehle logo ko is aag se,
    ab khud hi ko is aag me jala baite….

  13. 13 zulfiqar.dk24252692 Says:

    تيرے دل ميں ميري سانسوں کو پناہ مل جائے،،، تيرے عشق ميں ميري جان فنا ہو جائے،رونے دے آج مجھ کو دو آنکھيں سجانے دے،
    باہوں ميں لے لے اور خود کو بھيگ جانے دے،
    جو سينے ميں قيد دريا ہے وہ چھوٹ جائے گا،،،
    ہے سينے ميں اتنا درد کہ تيرا دامن بھيگ جائے گا،،،

  14. 14 zulfiqar.dk24252692 Says:

    kuhdi ki dindigi hum jia nahi kartey jaam dosroon ka hum cheehn kar hum pia nahi karty agher un ko ha hum say muhabat to ah kar ezhar karin phecha hum kiss ka kia nahi kartey

  15. 15 zulfiqar.dk24252692 Says:

    Dil tor diya chita bhi jala dena, kaffan na mile to dupatta ura dena, agar koi puche iska matlab to sar jhukakar “MOHABBAT” bol dena

  16. 16 dev chauhan Says:

    Larkiyaan Bewafaa Nahi Hoti
    Filed under: Shayari, Serious Shayari by Neha |
    Wo to majborioon main lipti hain
    Apney shiddat bharey khyaloon main
    Apney ander chhupi ek aurat main
    Wo hamesha hi darti rehti hain
    Na to jeeti hain na to marti hain
    Larkiyaan bewafaa nahi hoti
    Per Hamesha hi darti rehti hain
    Apne reeti or rawajoon se
    Any waley naye azaboon se
    Zardurat main khily ghulaboon se
    Pyaar kerti hain or chhupati hain
    Larkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hot
    Kyuon ki majborioon main lepti hain
    Or her lamha darti rehti hain
    Apney pyaar se apney saye se
    Apney rishton se dil ki dharkan se
    Apni khowahish se apni kushioon se
    Larkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hoti !!!

  17. 17 chandra Says:

    ladkiyan bewafa hoti hai pahle to wade karti hain phir mukar jatin hain.pyar to bahut hi pavitra hota hai log kehte hain lekin pyaar koi nahi karta.

  18. 18 chandra Says:

    “Aankhen oonchi hui to dua ban gayi,
    Aankhen nichi hui to haya ban gayi.
    Jo jhuk kar uthi to khata ban gayi,
    Aur uth kar jhuki to ADA ban gayi…”

  19. 19 Pushpa mane Says:

    Teri pyari bato me humne sab luta diya
    tere pyar ne hume bar baad kar diya
    humne rote rote apne aap ko bhula diya
    unhone hume hi apnane ka vada badal diya ……….

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